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Want to turn heads in your neighborhood, with a new lush, green lawn turf?
Hydro Seeding is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways; How affordable the cost is, you will find, is one of it’s BEST benefits!
You will be delighted about the advantages of hydro seeding over using sod! If you compare the prices to sod seed, you will be amazed to see the amount of money you will save! You will find the costs are cut DRAMATICALLY, because it does not include many processing costs such as; Growing, weeding, loading on palettes, and shipping.
Spray on grass seed services cost just a fraction of the other methods, that use dry seeding techniques.
While sod is not a bad solution for a new lawn, it is quite expensive when compared with hydro grass seed services; The cost is 25% less, and gives you lawns that are far better looking!
Spray on grass seed produces lawns that are just as attractive as the ones you get from other methods, but at a lower cost!
Spray on grass seed is one of the best methods for seeding lawns, landscaping, and erosion control.
How does hydro seeding work “it’s magic”? This process involves mixing seed, fertilizer, mulch, healthy soil, and water in a hydro-seeder tank. This results in a thick slurry called: Hydro Mulch.
With all types of seeds being used, such as grass or lawn seeds, pasture seeds, wildflowers, and special seeds for erosion control; It is the combination of fertilizer, mulch and healthy soil, with water, where the power of spray seed is created.
The reason for this is, because the contact with the water and seed, will trigger the germination cycle to start, right away. It creates the PERFECT environment for hydro seeding to develop!
A high phosphorus fertilizer “starter” is usually added to the mix, where root growth will be stimulated.
The Mulch helps protect the seed, and seal in moisture. It is then applied with pressure, using a hose or tower, onto the soil; For rapid seed germination.
The hydro mulch covering used, has an attractive green appearance.
Straw is often used as a protective cover for newly seeded areas and is loaded with weed seeds.
There is a bacteria in the straw, that leeches nitrogen into the soil, as it decomposes.
When using spray on grass seed, you will find, the lawn comes up faster.
If any patchy areas develop, where growth hasn’t occurred, the fix is simple and quick!
All you will need to do, is to re-spray that spot, for the germination cycle to start, and for new growth to appear in days!
The hydro grass seed should take, no more than 7 days, to start growing; And you will have a brand new lawn, within 3 to 4 weeks!
The remarkable thing about this technique is that it can grow grass almost anywhere!
Sod is difficult to install and it shrinks over the first month itself, and gaps appear, if the installation is not done perfectly;
You will find, it also requires a lot of maintenance, while hydro seeding gives you beautiful lawns, without having to spend too much time on its maintenance!
The hydro mulch covering which is used, has an attractive green appearance, and spray on grass seed has special varieties, that are used to adapt well, to the natural conditions and your specific requirements.
Other factors, that dictate the effectiveness of the process, with hydro grass seed are the sun, shade, type of soil, the terrain, and whether you have children or pets.
While the germination process takes time, and you should see your lawn turf become visible in a week, more time may be required, due to particularly hot or cold, weather conditions.
Taravella’s Hydro-Turf offers affordable hydro seeding services, of the highest quality in the Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver area.
We ensure your lawn is processed with a tested, high-quality, certified turf mix.
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Serving the Colorado, Pueblo, Colorado Springs Area for many decades now; We have the hydro seeding Experience and techniques that will have you enjoying your new yard in no time!

Whether you want to be mowing your beautiful fresh lawn turf within 30 days, enjoying a yard lined with an array of brilliant wildflowers, or you want to take advantage of Taravella’s Hydro Turf’s many landscaping services; We are the experts Coloradans have depended on for years!

We understand the savings you will enjoy when you choose hydro seeding over many other methods. Spray seed grass is the answer to that much needed extra touch for your next event or pleasure!

When you realize the amount of money you will save, while being able to enjoy your new lawn turf, in 21 days,

you will wish you had called sooner!

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